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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year And All The Very Best For 2015

It just struck me that the current poll might give people a chance to say what they really think about the prospects for e-Health in 2015 and provoke some commentary.

Well here is the chance to respond to the poll and be heard by at least 100 or so other readers! (Google reckons 500 or so!)

Go for it!

HNY and stay safe!


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Trevor3130 said...

"Health officials have traced every passenger who shared a British Airways flight between London and Glasgow with the Scottish Ebola patient Pauline Cafferkey."
From UK Telegraph. Would it be possible in Australia? Have previous attempts to 'trace all passengers' been 100% successful?

Anonymous said...

Gifted to Telstra to profit from.

Anonymous said...

Telstra is keen to prove its prowess in eHealth. There would be o better way that to take over the PCEHR and put its money where its mouth is. The Government would welcome the move and as January 04, 2015 3:50 PM so rightly predicts write off the PCEHR by gifting it to a world leader like Telstra to bring it to fruition for the benefit of all Australians everywhere. With Telstra's resources and technology skills, unbridled infrastructure and recent acquisitions of a diverse portfolio of advanced eHealth software vendor solutions there could be no better way to combine their skills and solutions with the PCEHR and deliver eHAAS (eHealth As A Service)bundled with mobile apps and personal computers. The Personal Health Record we have all been waiting for - now almost a reality - thanks to Telstra.

Anonymous said...

Not convinced Telstra would want it for commercial purposes, they may for political capital. Anyway would Accenture go quietly? How much would that cost? And want level of infrastructure is owned as an asset or simply leased/licensed to DoH?.

Yes Telstra made some (and probably continuing to) interesting acquisitions, our best hope is Telstra can use their "negotiation skills" to bring NEHTA and DoH to acount over there blatant disregard for anything eHealth that is not run by Accenture and for the shocking upkeep of there specifications and guidance material.

Anonymous said...

January 05, 2015 7:17 AM suggests our best hope is Telstra can use their "negotiation skills" to bring NEHTA and DoH to account over there blatant disregard for anything eHealth.

How do you think Telstra might do this? What do you think Teltra could "negotiate"? What "deal" do you envisage? In other words what precisely are you suggesting?

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

Telstra security codes introduced after lax ID checks exposed


Telstra is trialling a new service that requires customers to provide security codes sent to their mobile phones before they are granted access to their private details, including call and location histories, after it was revealed how easy it was to hack into any customer's online billing account.

... etc etc

That's nice. I hope they have their act together before they get seriously into eHealth.

Anonymous said...

Bernard, Happy New Year to you. As a comparion http://www.itnews.com.au/News/397331,pcehr-privacy-breached-twice-in-12-months.aspx , one has to ask how long this was in place, what Accenture will be liable for, and in contrast would Telstra be any worse and any less transparent?

As for the seemingly spooked and worried ananymous 5 Jan 2015 9:36am. I would guess that you will no longer be able to seperate individual vendors working independently now Telstra have the ability to bring all the NEHTA foundations into a single solution using a range of organisations and professional roles. It will be interesting if those adopting standards fair better than those adopting national specifications. If variuos products built based on current specifications do not work together and deliver interoperability, I am sure Telstra Health will use its many channels to many ministerial offices. On top of that there are NEHTA executives who have few friends left and easily sacrificed when the requirement arises with little or no sleep lost.