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Monday, April 13, 2015

AusHealthIT Position On AntiVaxers - They Are Totally Ill-informed Idiots Who Don't Give A Hoot For Their Children's Safey And Health!

Just so you are clear where this tiny blog stands!

And this ignores my serious concern re: reduced 'herd immunity' which puts my grandchildren at risk!

Even the Exclusive Brethren need to immunise their children.

No religion can support preventable deaths of their children!

I am 100% behind this Government initiative - and am amazed that some UNSW 'Academic' thinks there are issues with this policy. Another publicity seeking nit-wit I suspect.

In case you are wondering my first degree was actually in immunology! So I know of that which I speak. The anti-vaxers do not!



This Twitter Post says it all:


At Royal North Shore Hospital alone - before immunisation - there were 4073 deaths from Diptheria in 9 years. These days the number is typically zero!

Vaccination works and reduces human misery - no question at all!

Funny it seems many of those same anti-vaxers from the North Coast also seem to think Tetanus vaccination is a good idea for their barefooted nippers!



Anonymous said...

From what I have heard, the academic commentary is not coming from nitwits David, but it is seriously being misrepresented in the press which wants this to be a government 'win'.

The argument coming from the academics is not that we should not vaccinate people, nor even that we must support the rights of refusers to refuse. Rather they are saying that we should understand what are the most effective (dare I say evidence-based) ways to achieve as high a level of population cover as possible.

The main concern I have heard is that the proposed very harsh penalties will do nothing to change the minds of the rusted on refusers, but may also "radicalise" those who currently refuse but are actually amenable to logic or education programs. Whether thats true or not I dont know but it seems plausible and there is some global experience on what does and does not work.

I'm no expert either way, but its frustrating that there is an attempt at a rational debate about whether the proposed harsh solution will have the impact we hope, but it has been misrepresented by some sections of the media for whatever purposes guide them.

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

Thanks for that - but I simply don't think rational debate has anything to do with this.

The evidence is utterly clear and so debate is just a waste of time. Without very good reason indeed all children should be fully vaccinated and all the evidence suggests the anti-vaxers are just not suscepible to rational dabate - so other tactics are needed. Hence this approach which I support.

Anyway if you are rational you will vaccinate your nippers and the whole arguement is moot!


Dr David G More MB PhD said...

I have has one or two comments from anti-vaxers hoping to have comments published here.

I don't choose to publish the views of irrational, non-scientific and opinionated ignorami.

Firm belief and conviction does not equate to fact! I stick to the facts.

The facts are that the benefits of vaccination far, far outweigh the harms.

So their views won't be published.