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Good Heavens - A Bureaucrat Recognises Government IT Is Not Delivering For Its Customers. Such Insight!

This appeared a few days ago.

'We are failing': Digital Transformation Office CEO Paul Shetler warns public service

Date July 28, 2015 - 11:08AM

Phillip Thomson

Public Service Reporter at The Canberra Times.

Australia's public service must stop failing customers and become as good as Airbnb and Uber at helping people, the bureaucracy's new Digital Transformation Office chief Paul Shetler said. 
Mr Shetler told a crowd of 300 at a breakfast at the National Gallery of Australia on Tuesday that most users were reporting a problem with Australian government websites.
'If Amazon did that they'd go out of business': Digital Transformation Office CEO Paul Shetler.
"Our job is to serve the public and we are failing," he said. 
"It's not good enough in the age of Uber and Airbnb.
"If Amazon did that they'd go out of business."
He said Australians, like people in many countries, often became overwhelmed because they were wrongly forced to keep in their minds a map of how government services worked when dealing with the public service.
"It's not a policy problem, it's a delivery issue," Mr Shetler said. 
"In many places now government is leading in service delivery [over the private sector]."
Mr Shetler is 28 days into his new job of chief executive of the DTO.
The DTO is a small agency with a modest budget answering to Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull created to reform how the government interacts with Australians on the internet.
Secretaries Drew Clarke and Kathryn Campbell from the Communications and Human Services departments and Australian Public Service Commissioner John Llloyd chose Mr Shetler for the job with final approval granted by the minister. 
He has moved from the United Kingdom where he was an executive in the Government Digital Service and the Chief Digital Officer for the UK Ministry of Justice. 
Mr Shetler said his first weeks at the helm of digital reforms in the UK were filled with "hostile meetings" where people thought he represented a group of latte-sipping time wasters who wore cargo shorts and peddled the latest fad.
Lots more here:
I have only one request of Mr Shelter. Please go and have a close look at the IT around the PCEHR and the Department of Human Services. There will be some fertile poking around to be had there - especially if you ask the customers of the systems they offer!

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