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Friday, August 21, 2015

Has The PCEHR Just Become Obsolete? - This Looks Like An Interesting Approach For the 21st Century.

This appeared a little while ago;

Zobreus Launches the Patient-Oriented Electronic Medical Record Free app gathers medical records and securely stores them on mobile devices

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., Aug. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Fresh of a successful Kickstarter campaign and multi-user beta, Zobreus Medical Corporation announces that it has launched the Patient-Oriented Electronic Medical (POEM) Record™ v1.0 in the Apple App Store. The POEM Record™ allows patients to manage and control all of their healthcare data in a structured, mobile electronic medical record (EMR) so that the information is easily accessible to them and their doctors as needed.
"We're responding to the large, unmet need from health consumers who definitively want full, unfettered access to, and control over, their health records," says co-founder and CEO L. Okey Onyejekwe Jr., a practicing physician. "Instead of sifting through stacks of physical documents and sending repeated requests while waiting for weeks, consumers can now painlessly gain control over their medical information." Zobreus is working with a number of hospitals and provider networks to further simplify the records-retrieval process using its proprietary technologies that eliminate additional costs, time, and software integration for clinics.
"What's also unique about the POEM Record™ is that it is built to not only serve as a patient health record, but also as a full-featured EMR that we doctors can use to process our notes and engage with patients from within the same application," says Onyejekwe.
Setup is simple. Patients register directly through the app, or at www.poemrecord.com, and grant Zobreus authorization to retrieve their medical records on their behalf. The company then processes the records into the clean, user-friendly, and aesthetically-pleasing POEM Record™ application.
Given the sensitive nature of health data, security is a central focus of the company. "We use end-to-end encryption to keep your data secure on your device, during transmission, and on our servers," says co-founder and CTO, Patrick Ohiomoba.
Zobreus offers a free, basic tier that allows patients to manage one set of medical records. Subscription tiers are available that unlock additional features such as Care Circles™ and user forums, and that enable additional records updates. The company is running an "early-bird" promotion that allows initial subscribers to receive their paid subscription at half-off for the life of the subscription. Additionally, users who register now will have full access to all premium features for 6 months at no cost, after which users can keep their records even if they chose not to subscribe.
The app is currently available on iPad devices, with iPhone and Android versions currently in development. Users of other devices can nonetheless register on www.poemrecord.com, submit records requests, and lock in the same early-bird benefits.
SOURCE Zobreus Medical Corporation
Here is the link to the release
The website is really worth a browse to see what might be shaped here.

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Anonymous said...

No. It still stores your data on a server somewhere. There is no mention of standards. Nor is there a privacy or security policy.