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Sunday, August 23, 2015

It Seems Wisdom And Common Sense Can Emerge From All Sorts Of Interesting Places!

This appeared a few days ago:

From Emerald to Japan (and back again)

There’s a long tradition of Australian doctors having multiple specialties. Dr Ewen McPhee is one of them. A rural GP obstetrician, he has operated a rural health clinic in Emerald, Central Queensland, for the last quarter century.
The Japanese trip followed a presentation at the recent HIC 2015 conference, where Dr McPhee addressed the issue of whether general practitioners are ready for the electronic revolution, and what is needed to get them to engage.
“There is a lot happening in terms of system integration, the ehealth record, secure messaging and referrals, as well as other templates to improve the patient journey,” he says.
The main problem, he believes, is that government and the vendor community are not taking the general practice community along with them on these complex IT ventures as consultations are often too superficial leading to incorrect assumptions.
“There seems to be an expectation that it will work like a hospital or other parts of the health system.”  McPhee believes that in order to get GPs to go along on the electronic journey a bottom up rather than today’s top-down consultation approach is needed and he points to the PCEHR as a prime example. 
“We tend to be suspicious of people developing solutions and telling us they are going to implement them with minimal engagement with the GP community,” he says.
So the question remains – how do vendors and government get GPs onto the electronic patient record journey, and into using IT in general as part of their daily practice?
The full article is found here:
How good to see some wisdom emerge from the Deep North! Even more interesting is that the views were presented at the usually more e-Health enthusiastic and uncritical e-Health Conference HIC 2015.
Dr McPhee has hit the nail on the head as far as I am concerned. I hope he has the occasional browse of my blog to get some support for his pragmatic and sensible views that are not all that often but out there!

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Anonymous said...

The 'Deep North'??? What is that supposed to mean??? Are you referring the same region where Best Practice, Medical Director, Medical Objects, Appointuit and numerous other GP eHealth/Clinical Solutions and innovations originate from? I think there is more to this great continental country than the over rated South East Corridor whom seem to think are centric to everything!