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Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Very Minor Comment On The Paris Attacks Of Yesterday. Written In Extreme Sadness.

I am, like most Australians, deeply saddened at what happened in Paris yesterday. The pure violence and hate manifested is just too sad for words.

The only point I have is that some how the world seems full of awfulness these days.

Foreign Policy produces a daily summary of what is going on - with three points for each of the regions (Asia, Africa etc.). It is a daily free e-mail and easy to access.

I read each day and am horrified just how much sadness and horror goes simply un-reported here. It is truly awful what nasty Governments, Terrorists etc. seem to do all over.

Paris is very sad - but the world somehow seems even messier and nastier these days.

Stay safe and hug your children and grandchildren more often.


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