Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This Is A Classic Example Of The Vision Impaired Leading The Blind. What A Mess!

You can download the 31 page report from this link:
The core of the report is what - after reading the Submissions - the Committee concluded - remembering that many of the Submissions were very concerned with what was being planned.
See list of submissions here:
Here is the relevant area of the report:

Committee view

2.88           The committee is recognises that the introduction of an opt-out trial of the My Health Records system has the potential to improve health outcomes for Australians. The committee acknowledges that the proposed new governance arrangements that the Bill anticipates could assist to address the previous issues with the PCEHR identified by the 2013 PCEHR review.
2.89           The committee acknowledges that the opt-out model raises privacy risks and recognises the concerns raised by submitters. The committee is satisfied that the trial would provide an opportunity for the department to identify and address any privacy issues that may arise. The committee is also satisfied that the Bill includes sufficient reporting requirements and penalties to deter the unauthorised use or disclosure of healthcare information.
2.90           The committee supports the view of the Information Commissioner that an effective public awareness campaign is integral to the success of the trial, and a key privacy safeguard. The committee considers that the outline of this campaign provided by the department could include greater focus on how privacy concerns would be addressed.
Recommendation 1
2.91           The committee recommends that the Department of Health consider the recommendations by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner in relation to privacy in developing the public awareness campaign about the opt-out trial.
2.92        The committee recognises concerns about the delegation of certain rule-making powers to the Minister for Health in relation to the operation of the trial and the handling of healthcare identifiers. The committee is satisfied that these measures are necessary to allow the Minister to respond to any unforeseen circumstances that may arise from the trial. The committee is also satisfied with the safeguards to ensure that the Minister consults appropriately with the states and territories prior to implementing the opt-out model nationally
 2.93          The committee acknowledges the concerns about the civil and penalties for the unauthorised use or disclosure of information accessed through the My Health Records system. However, the committee considers that these penalties are justified as deterrent measures to protect the privacy of system participants.
2.94           The committee considers that the Bill is an appropriate response to the 2013 PCEHR review and provides an opportunity to 'reboot' Australia's national electronic healthcare system to improve the health of all Australians.
Recommendation 2

2.95           The committee recommends that the Bill be passed.
----- End Extract
Well, it seems the Committee clearly has taken a view that despite a total lack of evidence of benefit that they will trust the DoH and NEHTA that all this is worth an extra ½ billion dollars and all the security and privacy risks. They also seem to have decided that the Human Rights Committee report is not to be considered - despite the concerns it raised.

For reasons that are also not clear there seems to be some belief that expanding the system user numbers is somehow going to make it better and clinically useful - when - as we all know most of the data contained in the system is just clinical junk.
With the greatest of respect the committee does not know what it does not know and is making a very bad mistake in my view. The PCEHR is a fundamental and ill designed dud - and providing user education on a dud does not stop it being a dud!

It really is astonishing how such a very poor system has somehow developed a life of its own and now could not be killed with a pick-axe. The vested interests - like The Force - seem to be just to strong to face up to what rubbish they are perpetuating!

I continue to predict it will all end very badly and that all it will do is cost more for very little benefit for anyone!

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