Sunday, January 17, 2016

AusHealthIT Poll Number 303 – Results – 17th January, 2016.

Here are the results of the poll.

The AFR Is Now Reporting That The Trials For The New E-Health System Will Last 3 Years. Has The DoH Now Really Lost The Plot? See

Yes 77% (37)

No 10% (5)

I Have No Idea 13% (6)

Total votes: 48

Again a pretty decisive poll. It seems most readers are rather concerned the DoH is not quite on top of its brief.

Again, many, many thanks to all those that voted in such a quiet week!



Trevor3130 said...

The smart money may be going into the E-Health system of an alternative universe. New Scientist, Dec 15, published Doctor, meet my data in conjunction with Philips, which paid for [it] to be produced.
Philips is exploring a solution by combining medical-grade digital monitoring technology with an online platform on which patients can easily share their data with their doctor. The cloud-based system, called the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform, brings together all of a patient’s medical data, including information from a network of connected digital devices such as weighing scales, blood glucose sensors and blood-pressure monitors.

That is from the same well as Who is responsible for our health? in New Statesman, Nov 2015.

Providing people with the tools they need to take control is vital, says Tim Kelsey, NHS national director for patients and information, who believes access to data is at the heart of this. “From this April we've become the first country in the world to offer all our citizens access to GP records, online bookings, repeat prescriptions . . . The public is ready and willing: we just need to get ready to give them more control when they want it,” he said at the RSA event.

The blurb for that RSA event informs that

Before Dr Foster, Tim was a national newspaper journalist and a television reporter. He worked for the Independent and the Sunday Times, as well as Channel 4 and the BBC.

That's Tim Kelsey, now at the helm of Telstra Health. It may be fair to assume Tim will be a star attraction at HealthConnex Conference 2016. It's one thing for Telstra & Philips to sell apps that collate data from personal devices. How are they going to get hold of the data that matters, from lab results?

It seems Kelsey's universe does not have mirrors. Otherwise, smart people would look in one and draw adequate conclusions about their size. We don't need to go to the LMO to be told "You're fat". But that's right where the burden of chronic illness begins. The solution to our obesity crisis isn't going to come from Kelsey, or from Turnbull's Digital Transformation.

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

Digital disasters haemorrhage bucketfuls of public money, by Judith Sloan, an economist.

"The first mistake is made in terms of the capability and experience of the people devising these projects. Often the objectives are not well specified. But even when objectives are made clear, there is an insufficient understanding of what an IT solution can and cannot achieve.

The second point is that the complications arising from the complexity of the underlying information being digitised are too often overlooked. One of the troubles with the eHealth initiative is that quite of lot of what is contained in patient management records is not amenable to simple classification."

Economists are not normally renowned for common sense, knowledge of IT or health systems but in these paragraphs Judith has got it totally correct.