Friday, February 19, 2016

Here Is A Very Useful Resource Which Helps You Get Into The E-Health Literature.

The blog popped up a few days ago and is more than worth listing:

A brief guide to the health informatics research literature

February 8, 2016
Every year the body of research evidence in health informatics grows. To stay on top of that research, you need to know where to look for research findings, and what the best quality sources of it are. If you are new to informatics, or don’t have research training, then you may not know where or how to look. This page is for you.
There are a large number of journals that publish only informatics research. Many mainstream health journals will also have an occasional (and important) informatics paper in them. Rather than collecting a long list of all of these possible sources, I’d like to offer the following set of resources as a ‘core’ to start with.
(There are many other very good health informatics journals, and their omission here is not meant to imply they are not also worthwhile. We just have to start somewhere. If you have suggestions for this page I really would welcome them, and I will do my best to update the list).
If you require an overview of the recent health informatics literature, especially if you are new to the area, then you really do need to sit down and read through one of the major textbooks in the area. These will outline the different areas of research, and summarise the recent state of the art. I am of course biased and want you to read the Guide to Health Informatics.  Another text that has a well-earned reputation is Ted Shortliffe’s Biomedical Informatics.
Health Informatics sits on the shoulders of the information and computer sciences, psychology, sociology, management scenic and more. A mistake many make is to think that you can get a handle on these topics just from a health informatics text. You won’t. Here are a few classic texts, from these ‘mother’ disciplines;
Computer networks (5th ed). Tannenbaum and Wetherall.  Pearson. 2010.
Engineering Psychology & Human Performance (4th ed.). Wickens et al. Psychology Press. 2012.
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach  (3rd ed). Russell and Norvig. Pearson. 2013
Lots more useful information here:
Thanks Enrico for the useful summary.
Some may also want to browse my introductory course on basic e-Health found here:
All useful material I hope.

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