Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The AMA Is Really Ramping Up Its Distress And Annoyance With DoHA and The Way They Are Running The mHR.

This appeared last week.

'Appalling cock-up': Morton lashes ePIP change

17 February 2016
THE new eHealth PIP change is premature and prone to failure because of the lack of consultation with doctors, according to the AMA General Practice Council chair Dr Brian Morton.
And the Department of Health has foreshadowed further changes after a spokeswoman says consultations will start on a tiered performance-based incentive this month.
The current incentive change, which came to light in mid-January and begins on 1 May, requires practices to show meaningful use of the My Health Record (MyHR).
In the first instance, this means practices must upload shared health summaries (SHS) for 0.5% of the standardised whole patient equivalent (SWPE) per quarter to stay ePIP eligible. In real terms, that is five SHS per full-time equivalent GP.
At the same time the department’s opt-out MyHR trials of about a million patients in Northern Queensland and the Nepean/Blue Mountains area in NSW do not go “live” until about 15 July, a 10-week timing discrepancy Dr Morton calls “ridiculous”.
“They should be holding off until the pilots have been run and the opt-out has actually happened,” he says. 
“It’s going to be an appalling cock-up because they haven’t listened to the profession, they’ve not listened to the stakeholders and they’re not giving us enough time.”
He says there are also numerous privacy issues that have not been taken into account and that, ultimately, the onus of registering patients is going to be on GPs.
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Given that DoH needs the co-operation of the AMA and the RACGP to have any (remote) hope of the mHR becoming useful.
All discussions should be happening quietly and in private. Signalling via the press is just another sigh of what a mess the AMA thinks all this is and how bad a job DoH is doing in managing a critical set of relationships.

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