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Friday, February 12, 2016

Well Who Would Have Known? It Seems The New NBN Might Work Pretty Well.

This appeared last week:

NBN research: fibre to node satisfies as much as fibre to home

  • The Australian
  • February 5, 2016 12:00AM

Annabel Hepworth

NBN research has found fibre-to-the-node technology as satisfactory as fibre to the home.
Homes with the fibre-to-the-node technology at the heart of the Coalition’s National Broadband Network policy are re­porting the same levels of satisfaction as those with the all-fibre model favoured by Labor, ­research suggests.
The Australian can reveal that initial research finds that both homes getting the NBN over FTTN technology — which uses the century-old copper network for about the last 350m to homes — and those with fibre to the premises are scoring their satisfaction at 7.7 out of 10.
The government-owned company building Australia’s largest infrastructure project will point to the findings today when it delivers its half-year results in Melbourne.
It will also say that research to date shows that the same percentage of users with FTTN would recommend the NBN as would those with FTTP (70 per cent). However, the FTTN rollout is in its very early stages, with 500,000 premises expected to have FTTN by mid-year, compared with the 1.3 million that would have FTTP.
More here:
There is a more detailed release from the NBNCo found here:
On the face of it this is very good news for all of us in terms of our internet going forward!


Anonymous said...

User satisfaction and bandwidth are not the same thing, and probably not directly correlated either. I might be satisfied with my broadband today but frustrated with it in 2 years because the system cannot handle the emerging service demands upon it. Knowing how well bandwidth meets current and future needs, now that is a different question.

Anonymous said...

Anything other than fibre to the premises is utter stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. People are happy when they been given $1 without knowing others got $100.

Grahame Grieve said...


Anonymous said...

Broadband speeds can be upgraded without changing the Fibers cable, and its more weather and age resistant. So, yes I agree: "Anything other than fibre to the premises is utter stupidity."

Anonymous said...


"British researchers simulated download speeds 50,000 times faster than 'superfast' 24 megabits per second (Mbps) broadband, breaking a world record."

"The UCL team used 15 super-fast optical fibre channels and a single receiver. However they applied coding techniques commonly used to compress signals over Wi-Fi, but not yet widely used in fibre communication"