Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Here Is A Readable Version of the ADHA’s Strategy Milestones. They Really Are Just Dreaming!

I have typed it out for ease of reading

ADHA Strategy Milestones

Slide Contents:
Year 1:
Milestone: Lay Foundations
Consumers: Opt-in and Opt-out My Health Records trials
Health Workers: Create guidelines and common languages
Year 2:
Milestone: Get Fit
Consumers: Compulsory health records for all Australians
Health Workers: Integration of digital health records and health repositories
Year 3:
Milestone: Extend
Consumers: Have tools to manage own health and wellbeing
Health Workers: Able to co-ordinate services across the health continuum
Year 4:
Milestone: Transform
1. Equity of access to services, particularly rural and remote
2. Care commonly delivered in home or community settings
3. Publication of clinical benchmarks and performance to facilitate choice and transparency
Health Workers:
1. Able to quickly access population data for analysis and predictive models
2. The practice of precision medicine commonplace
Year 5:
Milestone: Contribute
Consumers: Platform for future innovation
Health Workers: Digital health data informs policies and frameworks
----- End Extract.
I look forward to comments on the reality and practicality of all this!

This really provokes in me a profound sense of deja vu - and a deep sense of sadness!


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell them their dreaming...

My name is Dale Kerrigan and this is my story.

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

They just don't get it.

They made it personally controlled.

This means that people can control what goes into it from virtually nothing to selected omissions to no control. Even then there's no guarantee it would be complete, their nominated representative may choose to hide stuff,

Therefore it becomes untrustworthy from any perspective, from health care to research.

And by making it compulsory, many more people are likely to play around with what is in their health record making it more untrustworthy than if it were opt-in.

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

So why have trials in Year 1 if the intention is to make MyHR compulsory in Year 2?

Anonymous said...

A "readable version" does not imply "comprehensibility". The ADHA plan shows no comprehension of the problems and the misunderstanding of the required solutions. Their goal is to improve the quality and efficiency of health care by sharing information (or have the population registered in their system). The "sharing" is the smallest part of the required solution and the "information" part has the largest number of problems. It's hard to condense the explanations here in a comment. Many people have made public comment and published reports regarding eHealth. This includes the recent Deeble Institute Issues Brief No.18 which again refers to problems and unimplemented solutions which have been previously published, some more than 15 years ago. We are not opposed to eHealth but merely frustrated by those whom lack the understanding, disregard the required solutions and have no plans to fix the situation. ~~~~ Tim

Anonymous said...

So who is going to ask at next Senate Estimates or anywhere public - How one measures these milestones : that is "Extend" "Get fit" (for what!?) "Transform" or "Contribute" - What errant nonsense and at huge cost