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Sunday, July 03, 2016

The NEHTA Replacement Starts Out With More Of The Same Apparently. Pretty Bland To Stay The Least.

This appeared a day or so ago:

Message from the CEO

Created on Thursday, 23 June 2016
I am pleased to announce that the Australian Digital Health Agency officially commenced operations on July 1st.
Thanks to the actions we have taken over the past 12 months, I can tell you with confidence we have achieved our goal of establishing a newly focussed agency to advance the digital health agenda in this country.
I want to thank the members of the Transition Steering Committee, the staff and executive at the Department of Health, and the NEHTA Board and staff for their efforts and support over the past months.
I also want to thank the governments of Australia – Commonwealth, States and Territories alike for their guidance and support during this time of transition.
I am honoured to be leading the Agency at this exciting time and working with a new Board of Directors committed to driving the innovation needed to deliver improved digital health information for all Australians.
Richard Royle
Acting Chief Executive Officer
Here is the link:
I must be picky but surely this message could have had a last paragraph outlining the major priorities of the organisation over the next few months – excluding the obvious timing for the appointment of a permanent CEO – which is needed ASAP!
So far this really feels like the same old, same old with a new name.
I look forward to some more information regarding future plans – even of only short term for now. The clock is really ticking on this.....
The time has come for the ADHA to urgently differentiate itself from NEHTA and show us that the new board and CEO actually understand what is needed going forward.


Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath. Same people with the same limited outlook.

Anonymous said...

So it is dated 23 June as a statement reflecting on 1 July. Wonder how many what-if press releases they had in waiting.

Anonymous said...

David said "surely this message could have had a last paragraph outlining the major priorities of the organisation over the next few months".

Fair crack of the whip David. The man is in an interim acting position. His job is to stick his fingers, toes, proboscis and appendages in all the leaky holes under the waterline. The Board have no strategic plan only a half baked draft. The new CEO has yet to be appointed. He will first have to commit to a realistic strategic plan not a wishy-washy wish list of little substance and he will need to be heavily involved in writing the new strategic plan and that, realistically, will take 6 months given the mess they now have on their plate. Bear in mind the Department will be more of a hindrance not a help because hell or high water they seem intent on forcing doctors and PHNs across the nation into adopting a system that is currently untried, unproven, demonstrably unwelcome and of little use as presently conceived.