Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Health Minister Returns But Apparently Sees E-Health As An Issue That Is Solved! It Isn’t!

Here is the full press release:

Appointment as Minister for Health, Aged Care & Sport

It is an honour to be reappointed as Minister for Health, Aged Care and Sport.
Page last updated: 19 July 2016
18 July 2016
It is an honour to be reappointed as Minister for Health, Aged Care and Sport.
The Turnbull Government has developed a bold and ambitious health reform agenda needed to deliver a first-class, universal health system and I thank the Prime Minister for the opportunity to continue this important work.
This includes protecting the future of Medicare and ensuring it remains universally accessible to all Australians, as well as tackling the growing burden of chronic disease through our Health Care Homes.
This work will continue to be complemented by integrated reforms to mental health, medicines, hospital funding, rural health, aged care, dental, private health insurance, vaccinations, sports participation and preventative health.
This is because I am passionate about ensuring Australians don’t just live longer lives, but healthier ones too.
The Turnbull Government will also continue to listen closely to the Australian people and health professionals and hear what it is they want from their health system.
However, we must not be afraid to ask the tough questions and ensure every taxpayer dollar spent on health lands as close to the patient as possible.
A failure to ensure our national health spend is efficient will ultimately fail the patients who need it most.
I look forward to continuing to work closely with our stakeholders to ensure we appropriately balance the needs of patients with the need to protect the long-term sustainability of universal health care in this country.
The Department of Health, under the leadership of Martin Bowles PSM, has also demonstrated dedicated support and innovation over the past 18 months and I look forward to continuing our strong partnership.
Finally, I would also like to acknowledge the people in my electorate who have again placed their faith in me as the Member for Farrer for a sixth term. Without their support I could not take on this extremely challenging and rewarding position.
 Here is the link:
I have looked closely but sadly e-Health did not get a mention – or even an inference!
Interestingly we now have a page that shows us progress with document uploads and records – but gives no information on just how often records are accessed or used.
This seems to be a stable link – or at least has been for a few weeks:
One figure I found fun was found in the following collection of stats.

My Health Record Statistics – at 17 July 2016

Published 17 July 2016
·         Over 3.9 million people have a My Health Record, with an average of 1 new record being created every minute
·         A further 1 million people have had a My Health Record automatically created for them during the participation trials.
·         Over 4 million prescription and dispense records have been uploaded.
·         Over 8,800 healthcare providers are connected, including GPs, hospitals, pharmacies, aged care residential services, allied health.
·         Over 744,000 clinical upload documents.
So a new record being created every minute.
Now there are 25 Million people in Australia for we have a good 20 million to go until coverage is done – forgetting about all the births and migrants etc.
At 1 record a minute we need 333,333.33 etc. hours to fill myHR up!
That’s 13,888.88 days or 38+ years.
Looks like we will be waiting a while for even 50% coverage!
I look forward to Ms Ley getting a wriggle on an getting approval for a CEO of the ADHA to be appointed!
On another tack we had the Consumer Health Forum (CHF) come up with a wish list.
“Today CHF has written to the Health Minister to outline our priorities on behalf of Australia’s healthcare consumers for the 45th parliament. These priorities include:

· Commonwealth leadership on primary health care to drive patient centred health care homes

· Consolidate Primary Health Networks as regional commissioning organisations to foster place-based, consumer centred health care

· Pharmacy reform to support new roles for pharmacists

· Workforce reform to spur integrated care including by specialist and allied health practitioners outside hospitals

· The national roll-out of personally-controlled electronic health records

· Reform to the private health insurance arrangements to deliver better consumer value.”

Some of these I can support but I wonder about point 5. To date I have seen no credible evidence that would support this request! I asked the CHF for their evidence brief but the silence has been deafening!



Anonymous said...

That’s 13,888.88 days or 38+ years. You have missed the point entirely David.

That's why the 2 trials are underway to demonstrate how quickly people can be registered. Then, before 30 June 2017 the entire population will have been compulsorily registered under Opt-out- that's 24+ million people. Bingo. Done. What a great success Minister.

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...



Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...


Only those with Medicare numbers will be registered,
unless they have a nominated provider, nothing much will get put up, certainly not a health summary
if people go in and hide and/or delete documents
if people go in and block service providers
I'm sure there are other things

the data in the system will be totally worthless - at the moment it's only untrustworthy.

But I'm sure they've thought of all that (snigger).

Oh, and one last thing. It's only a slide at an Accenture sponsored vendor gabfest, sorry, industry event.

There is a huge difference between opt-out and compulsory, AFAIK, they will have to pass legislation before they can make it happen. That may not be easy.

There's always a chance that when they used the word "compulsory" they meant opt-out. But what's a word between friends?