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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

A Little Food For Thought.

Has anyone else noticed that the inaugural CEOs of both NEHTA and the ADHA were former journalists.

Just saying.....



Anonymous said...

Its Called Mangerialism...

"The history of Managerialism is linked to the teachings of Karl Marx. In his collection of books over capitalism appropriately named Das Kapital he writes about how when capitalist merge with other capitalist and two corporations come together, they are more likely to become diluted and when that happens those who were once wise business leaders were to be just aimless managers he stated his belief in his books (only volume 1 was published while he was alive) as follows, "Transformation of the actually functioning capitalist into a mere manager, an administrator of other people's capital, and of the owners of capital into mere owners, mere money-capitalists.".[16] Marx is talking about what would later be known as Managerialism which is first used by James Burnham who in his book The Managerial Revolution expresses his ideas on the difference between Capitalism and Managerialism stating that when the owners of capital are no longer the ones in charge, and managers, relying on only principle are in charge then it is no longer Capitalism, it is now considered Managerialism." - from Wikipedia

The term "Aimless Managers" describes the bureaucracy and NEHTA quite well, And I am sure "The Agency" will be just the same - Aimless and well off the track, stumbling around in the weeds which are well over their heads.

Anonymous said...

'Journalism'? You mean they came from a Public Relations background?