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Friday, August 26, 2016

It Looks Like Labor and The News Limited Papers Have Noticed The ADHA. They Are Not Convinced Yet!

This article appeared on Sunday.

A New Debate Debacle

Samantha Maiden
National Political Editor
Sunday August 21, 2016
A controversial former Journalist who created an “error strewn” database of British patients’ personal medical information has now been put in charge of Australia’s health records.
Labor has warned the appointment of Tim Kelsey as the new CEO of Australia’s Digital Health Agency has raised the spectre of another census night style debacle.
Mr Kelsey had a trailblazing career in the UK as the first national director of Patients and Information for the National Health Service and chair of the National Information Board.
But he also sparked controversy for his public remarks about privacy and his involvement in a project for health records that was later described by Cambridge University researchers as plagued with “mismanagement and miscommunications, inadequate protections for patient anonymity and conflicts with doctors. After it was reviewed in 2015 he left the UK before emigrating to Australia.
----- End Extract.
After the review the project was largely cancelled.
I guess we can all just sit back and wait to see what happens. The outcome of the secondary use of myHR data enquiry will provide some useful information I suspect.


Trevor3130 said...

Kelsey talks about himself and the blue sky here but it would be more interesting to hear him talk at length about his past achievements.

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia entry on him here:


Interesting that for someone pushing transparency, he has made several attempts to sanitise the entry.