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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Yet Again We Find The Department Of Health Really Struggles With Technology.

This appeared last week:
27 July, 2016

Too many steps, too many clicks

Posted by Julie Lambert
Medicare’s new PBS authority service went live on 1 July promising an “online solution” for doctors to get approval for most authority PBS medications, as well as increased quantities and repeats.
But the lack of an interface with medical desktop software makes for a slow and clunky experience, leading early users to say they’ll stick to the phone.
“We’ve been asking for 15 years for an authority system that links with clinical software, but that is apparently not what they are delivering,” Dr Nathan Pinskier, chair of the RACGP’s eHealth and Practice Systems committee, told The Medical Republic.
It appears the Department of Human Services expects medical software vendors to sort out the many problems with the online service.
“The system allows prescribers to get a PBS authority approval online using either the Health Professionals Online Services (HPOS) or an upgraded version of their existing prescribing software that integrates web services,” DHS General Manager Hank Jongen said in a statement to TMR last week.
“A small number of prescribers have started using HPOS to request PBS authority approvals, and we expect the rollout of upgraded prescribing software in coming months to prompt a significant shift to the online channel.”
For now, the lack of an interface with clinical software means doctors need to pick their way through 20 steps online for each application for authority approval.
“There are a number of steps which are really quite annoying,” Sydney GP Dr Brian Morton, one of the few GPs to take part in the trial, said.
Dr Morton said he did not mind having to register for a Provider Digital Access Account (PRODA), but there were many instances of red tape and legalistic language that were not doctor or patient friendly.
More here:
Yet again we see the left and right hands failing to talk and co-operate to deliver a sensible outcome for the GPs.
Rather than inventing nonsense strategies for compulsory enrolment in the myHR program maybe the ADHA could be trying to sort out stupid, time wasting issues like the one above.
It would be hard to say credibly that the DoH is from the Government and here to help! They are clearly just wanting things to remain as annoying as ever!

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