Sunday, January 29, 2017

Alert For ADHA Webcast Tomorrow – Will Be Fascinating I Am Sure!

This is happening tomorrow afternoon.

Q&A Webcast - Australian Digital Health Agency

Created on Monday, 19 December 2016
The Australian Digital Health Agency are hosting a Q & A Webcast on Monday 30 January 2pm – 3:30pm AEDT.
This is an open Q & A webcast for the general public and healthcare professionals to have a voice and shape the future of how data and technology can be used to create happier and healthier lives.
From Monday 30 January 2pm – 3:30pm AEDT, tune in to the open Q & A webcast at the following link:

How to Register

In the link above, make sure you follow the steps below:
  1. Click to 'Register Your Interest' for the Q&A Webcast and fill out your details.
  2. Go to to set up your account.
Have your say on shaping the Australian Digital Health Strategy!

Your health. Your say.

Visit to take the survey on the national digital health strategy, and more ways on how you can help shape the future of digital health.
REMINDER: If you have gone directly to the Event page on, please go to to set up your account to watch the webcast!
For any further questions, please email us at or call the Australian Digital Health Agency Help Centre on: 1300 901 001.
Here is the link:
This will be very interesting and the first serious occasion for us to all hear what has been happening with the consultation process and where things are planned to head.
Providing a reminder seems the most useful thing I can do with today’s blog as like many others, I am sure, it had slipped my mind!

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