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Friday, January 13, 2017

News Update: Ms Sussan Ley Has Resigned As Federal Health Minister.

Here is a link:




Anonymous said...

What a surprise. Late Friday afternoon. Politics as usual.
And she still won't accept the nation's opinion: "I am confident that I have followed the rules, not just regarding entitlements but most importantly the ministerial code of conduct". She thinks she's been a distraction & not done anything wrong. A bad thing for a democratic representative. She should spend more time in her plane, as far away as possible from people with health problems.

Anonymous said...

Only if she takes Richard Royal, TIm Kelsey and Paul Madden with her.

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

Talking about Tim Kelsey. Did you know he has co-authored a book?

Transparency and the Open Society
Practical Lessons for Effective Policy
Roger Taylor and Tim Kelsey
(Roger Taylor was a co-founder of Dr Foster. "a healthcare information business that has pioneered transparency in healthcare.")


I look forward to reading the ADHA strategy and how all the lessons he's learned have been incorporated into it.

Anonymous said...

She could always move into her new apartment on the Gold Coast. She seems to like the place a lot.

Anonymous said...

While we are talking about expenses:


Anonymous said...

Re: 7:22 AM Surely not the same Tim Kelsey who was brought over to Australia by Telstra Health to work as Director of Strategy Commercial & Business Development from Feb-Aug 2016 before being appointed CEO ADHA? Hello.

Anonymous said...

Surely not the same Telstra Health that holds a large portion of the secure messaging market that Tim made a commitment to fixing, pours Tens of millions of dollars into, mostly straight to the vendors and all without a business case.

Anonymous said...

Why is Julie Bishop being touted as the next Health Minister? Why would she want the job?

Anonymous said...

Re 11.58 ... I don't think you know what you are talking about. Mr Kelsey arrived at Telstra Health well after Telstra had made its acquisitions. Tim had no involvement in the reckless throwing of tens of millions of dollars at multiple vendors ($230 million is the current estimate). That was the responsibility of Telstra Health's founding CEO.

You are however no doubt correct when you say that that there was no business case behind the millions spent other than a lot of ignorant, glassy-eyed wishful thinking, a lot of fast talking and a lack of any competent governance and no effective cost controls in place to curb such irrational enthuusiasm. The downside to Telstra is obvious.

Anonymous said...

I was not talking about Telstra Health expenditure in procuring various companies that is a commercial entity and answerable to shareholders, I am talking about the money being poured into secure messaging by ADHA with no real understanding and no accountability to stakeholders.Telstra Health gain from this quite handsomely.

Anonymous said...

That's an important clarification January 14, 2017 7:27 PM - thanks.

You referred to "the money being poured into secure messaging by ADHA with no real understanding and no accountability to stakeholders." You also claimed Tim "pours tens of millions of dollars into, mostly straight to the vendors and all without a business case."

Who are these vendors? Do you mean Medical Objects? HealthLink? Argus?

How do you know there is no business case? Perhaps there is. Perhaps it just hasn't been made public?

It seems as though the whole eHealth scenario has turned full circle with no substantive explanation or clarification other than it must be a good thing to do because everyone says so.!!!!

Andrew McIntyre said...

Its certainly not Medical-Objects! We have had, and have not sought any "assistance" from the ADHA. If they actually understand the problems, which is a significant question, then they have a lot of work to do to provide the infrastructure to actual enable SMD. Currently there is no viable infrastructure....

Anonymous said...

Andrew, what would be the minimum viable infrastructure needed to be provided?

Andrew McIntyre said...

There are many ways to skin the cat, depending on functionality but we need:

Every health care provider to have NASH certificates, this is essential and not the case now, most GPs do but no one else.

Every practice to have a unique organisation ID

Every provider to have a location specific identifier (like provider number)

An Endpoint location service that allows dynamic lookup and discover of these details as automatic setup is the only scalable way to manage this.

Every endpoint needs to reliably receive compliant V2 messages and produce an ACK and this is the most important. The emphasis is on "Reliably" and "Compliant"

Anonymous said...

On Secure messaging, I can no published material other than early 'let fix it' rally calls. From this I assume:
- nothing much is happening therefore statements around funding etc are not founded on truth
- Something is going somewhere that does not involve all the small number of vendors, which would indicate only some of the ADHA are willing to be transparent and engaging, or the CEO speaks with fork tongue

If vendors are being funded, all good, just be open and even handed about it. If you can't move aside and let someone who can. E do the job