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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Sussan Ley - Federal Health Minister - Admits To Errors Of Judgement! What About The myHR? She Needs To Go So It Can Be Abandoned.

This appeared today.

Health Minister Sussan Ley apologises for Gold Coast trip, agrees to repay expenses

Matthew Knott
Published: January 8, 2017 - 4:39PM
Embattled Health Minister Sussan Ley has admitted she made an "error of judgment" by charging taxpayers for a trip to the Gold Coast in which she bought a $795,000 apartment and will repay the cost of the trip.
Ms Ley's decision followed a conversation with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in which he said she had not met the standards he expects of ministers. 
Ms Ley has come under pressure to provide a full explanation of the trip or resign from the ministry since it was revealed on Friday.
Ms Ley originally said the apartment purchase was "not planned nor anticipated", a claim that has been questioned given subsequent revelations that her partner owns a business located near the unit.
In a statement released on Sunday afternoon Ms Ley said the apartment auction was not the reason for her trip to the Gold Coast but she understood the purchase had "changed the context of the travel undertaken".
More to come
Here is the link:
If she has trouble with less than $1.0m house investment how can the manage the investments in the myHR?
Passed on without comment. (Other than I reckon she should go! My call is not related the Gold Coast home unit nonsense - which is just maybe a little off at worst - but the continuing total incompetence in digital health - which I do care about!)


Anonymous said...

It seems to me the higher the pay grade the more politicians (and others) seem to find it necessary and justifiable to find ways to claw more money out of the system - such as misusing travel allowances and other forms of expense accounts (which they see as entitlements).

The Minister's snout is stuck in the trough; doctors will be well pleased such misdemeanors have been exposed. She freezes the doctors' MBS fees for four years then puts her hand in the(ir) till; do the right thing should be her modus operandi; she didn't do the right thing and she has been caught out - this time she should do the right thing just like Bronwyn Bishop. Malcolm Turnbull should do the right thing too and ensure she accepts his demand for high standards by pointing her to the door.

Anonymous said...

Health Minister Sussan Ley is facing fresh calls to resign after revelations she has taken 27 taxpayer-funded flights in and out of the Gold Coast over recent years, including over two consecutive years during the New Year's Eve period.

But government records show Ms Ley, who is based in Albury, has been a frequent visitor to the Gold Coast since 2013 and that she has made significantly more trips to the area than her non-Queensland frontbench colleagues.

Ms Ley used her taxpayer entitlements to spend 37 nights on the Gold Coast since 2013, including 15 nights in 2013, 11 nights in 2014, 10 in 2015 and one in the first half of 2016.

By contrast, Nationals Leader Barnaby Joyce has spent three nights on the Gold Coast over the same period and Communications Minister Mitch Fifield five nights.

It rather puts her judgement in question. Not to mention her lack of ethics and poor morals and lack of compunction to distort the truth.

Anonymous said...

Let's be fair. Sussan Ley is a pilot, she just likes flying. What's the harm in having a hobby?