Monday, July 24, 2017

It Seems Poking The Dragon Worked - Suddenly New Board Minutes Appear!

Look what we now see!


Board Papers

The intent of the Board is to publish as many Board documents as is feasible. Information and attachments to Board documents that are draft, not finalised or sensitive will not be published. An exception is made for draft material already in the public domain (in this instance the Board Advisory Committee Charters released on 16 September 2016).

Board Meeting 14 June 2017 - Board Papers (Download)


A win for the good guys - but even this is far too late and totally incomplete!



Anonymous said...

Nicely done David. Anyone get the feeling this reads like a naughty boys performance review report?

Anonymous said...

7:21 PM.when you look at it from that angle yes it does. An interesting insight all the same, nothing revolutionary though, andI wonder if much of the progress would have naturally transpired through exist momentum? Still it is early days and people have recovered before I guess, I would like to see how much has been spent on what and at what real cost to Australian eHealth

Anonymous said...

Fully encourage the ADHA is their attempts to be open.

A couple of points that stretch the imagination:

Growing clinical document sharing as demonstrated through the sizable increase in the number of clinical documents uploaded to the My Health Record - should sharing not be measured through a two party exchange? How many of these uploads have been downloaded and used to improve care, reduce costs and prevent medication errors?

Connecting hospitals and health services to the My Health Record with double the number of private hospitals uploading to the My Health Record system in May 2017 than in July 2016 - there are no mechanisms in place to prevent hospitals uploading what ever the want, how is this to be addressed from a privacy perspective and a personallly control perspective?

Anonymous said...

7:04 am. To your first point - technically the wording is not incorrect - Digital give specific users access to online content.

To your second point - that is an interesting question and without anything to reference coming from the ADHA I guess only time will tell is all this free flowing information to the MyHR creates a lot of noise, large chunks go nowhere because they are not compliant or not able to be filed.

I would love to see the price tag for this optout, I cannot imagine it will be cheap and the Government cannot cut corners.

Anonymous said...

Thanks David, it reinforced my belief that the ADHA makes no difference whatsoever. It is simply a result of way the eHealth branch management and advisors have behaved the past few years and now...... well it's clear in the narrative what we know have and what has been lost.

Desperate to find some relevance.

Anonymous said...

I think the ADHA has run out of steam, it started off well on the wind of change and denouncing the past, both in performance and people terms, bit like Trump barrage on Obama. Now the honeymoon is ending and reality is coming home to roost, I wonder if the complexity and challenges of eHealth has left some like rabbits in headlights. I think tiredness will see some move or moved on soon.