Sunday, July 09, 2017

The ADHA Has Not Published Any Board Papers Since April 4, 2017

So much for even partial openness and transparency or has there not been a Board meeting in 3 months. How would anyone know?

Looks to me like we are rapidly going back to the old NEHTA days - as may predicted,

Post dated 9 July, 2017 8.00am



Anonymous said...

Personally the ADHA is a step backwards from NEHTA, or at least carried forward the worst of NEHTA and is simply a replication of the eHealth branch of DOH. I feel that this is simply about the MyHR or GovHR as some call it. The other tenders, proposals and work items are simply there to pretend this is not the case. The ADHA does not reflect the community and now wraps itself in people who nod and agree with each other, this is an easy path to take as it is easier to agree and go with the flow rather than explain your differing view, which for many I have encountered at the ADHA would result in exposing at best expose a shallow understanding of digital health and at worse a total lack of appreciation for the differences health carries from other industries.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they have run out of steam? The organisation has formed into untold factions reporting has become uncoordinated? Something is terribly wrong and they are scared to expose it?

Or perhaps the promise of something greater was purely BS

Anonymous said...

Having had coal face experience at the ADHA, it is a simple case of the CEO and his team couldn't organise a bonfire in a lumberyar, your faxes are safe trust me.