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Sunday, December 17, 2017

AusHealthIT Poll Number 401 – Results – 17th December, 2017.

Here are the results of the poll.

Does The myHR Need A Major And Expensive Re-Development To Be Able To Deliver On The Expectations Of The ADHA For Utility, Adoption and Use?

Yes 21% (34)

No - Minor Mods Are All That Is Needed 2% (4)

No - It Is Just Not Fixable 77% (126)

I Have No Idea 0% (0)

Total votes: 164

Any insights welcome as a comment, as usual. An amazing result evaluating a program that has already taken seven years and cost towards two billion dollars. Most seem pretty pessimistic anything can be salvaged. I wonder why people feel this way?

A really great turnout of votes!

We note no respondents who are clueless!

Again, many, many thanks to all those that voted! Hard to believe there have been over 400 polls! I wonder why the ADHA believes it can ignore such results?



Anonymous said...

Considering it will take years to gain agreements around what other options would look like legislatively, technically and financially as well as workflows etc.. I doubt there will be any appetite to fund even an architectural/clinical think tank. There is also the ‘whose problem is it’ question. The ADHA was formed to deliver optout and a few frameworks and strategy to justify it, so I am included to think the ADHA will not see themselves as the innovators.

Funding models are to some degree geared to the persecution of use of the MyHR so I doubt many will make the sacrifice

Anonymous said...

"I wonder why the ADHA believes it can ignore such results?"
David, I suspect that if they re not listening to these polls it might have something to do with the credibility of them. Back when I used to do fieldwork research at university, my supervisor would have failed me on the spot if I tried to pass these polls off as meaningful. Push polling a small sample in a site that generally is self selecting in its audience is probably my biggest frustration with what is otherwise a site filled with interesting discussion and ehealth news.
I get that you also mean it more broadly beyond the context of these polls but sorry, I have to raise this bugbear that I have from my days in academia.

Anonymous said...

Social media will be the decider. ADHA and the Health Department will contract social media practitioners to spread the word in a huge tsunami of good news messages like we have never seen before.

The naysayers and privacy groups will respond with truckloads of truth messages. The ADHA will be unable to counter the truth but it will try desperately to do so. The people will decide.

Anonymous said...

That is a valid point of view James. I am taking that same bug bear is applicable to the ADHA polling used to instigate aspects of the Digital Health Strategy and current belief in the MyHR or GovHR is the answer?

Dr David G More MB PhD said...


I really think, if you look at the recent 20-30 poll results, it is clear that they are not push polling - as I have always offered a full range of options - and there is always the option not to vote!

It is clear that most of the polls convey a useful reflection of the views of those who are bothered to vote and with the number of participants involved have a level of credibility.

The overall bottom line, on the basis of thousands of votes over many polls, is that the direction that the ADHA is pursing is not seen as optimal or well considered - by the large number of experts who read and vote here. Like it or not, there is a pretty clear message here for anyone who wants to listen.

Given I hold a research PhD is believe I am as well equipped as anyone else to draw the general conclusions we see time after time suggesting the ADHA might consider lifting its game or explaining better what exactly it is doing and why.


Anonymous said...

Can the ADHA lift its game? From what I hear they have a entrenched problem internally that is preventing organisational stability and progress towards settling in as a leading Government Agency. Till someone sorts that out things are not going to go at all well.

John Scott said...

Anonymous Dec 17, 9:07AM has raised two critical issues. The first is whether government leadership is required to get started with a new idea and approach. The second relates to funding models for the prosecution of a new way forward.
I suggest that a new idea and approach will have to come from outside government. There are too many interests NOT REFLECTED in the current governance. Participation will necessarily be voluntary and based on the quality of the new idea and the practicality of the new approach. By this I mean that the new idea will have to be compelling offering new insight into addressing the real challenges of modern health systems. The approach will have to demonstrate that progress can be made in small steps as opposed to ‘one giant leap for mankind’. The approach will have to demonstrate how value apparent to stakeholders will be delivered.
With regard to funding there are two core issues. First, the new approach cannot be dependent upon government, particularly Commonwealth government funding. Second, investment should be in services for which a business case provides justification and governance provides assurance that the norms of health care are upheld.

Anonymous said...

"government leadership" Stop right there, that's an oxymoron. Government, the bureaucracy, the multitude of project managers and hangers on are not equipped to provide leadership and shouldn't even try.

Anonymous said...

9:38 AM, that does not really add value. Each role you list does lead in their respective duties, they are different. The current issue is not so much leadership qualities but experience and background. The ADHA has strong clinical leadership but operationally it is being managed at the Middle later by the wrong experience and backgrounds which is why it is struggling. I as many others hear and have read there is a bit of a crisis brewing which is a great concern. From what I am told this makes anything previous entities where reported to have a culture of pale in significance.

Without an open and fair working environment at ADHA then digital health will be held back. The ADHA holds great promise, it is still young but what is being instilled at present will have long term ramifications.

Anonymous said...

10.02 AM with respect strong clinical leadership is not enough. Far from it. Deeper, broader, extensive experience and skills in other domains over and above clinical leadership is also required.

Anonymous said...

"The ADHA holds great promise, it is still young but what is being instilled at present will have long term ramifications."

We've been told for years that Health IT holds great promise, and now we are told that ADHA does also. But nobody has been able to demonstrate exactly what those promises are and how they will deliver. ADHA may be young but it's a bastard child of incompetent parenthood. They are trying to do the wrong thing and even then they are making a total mess the things they try to do. I bet they make a bigger mess of the move to opt-out.

Anonymous said...

I agree 11:56 AM but that too is not enough. Change management skills, intuition, an abundance of nous, a capacity to comprehend diverse cultures and an optimal personality and mature ego are also essential.

Anonymous said...

the author, commenters and readers of this blog (taken as a group) have far more in the way of skills, knowledge and experience than was ever in Health, NEHTA and/or ADHA. The fact that this group of experts have been ignored for so long strongly suggests that the government's agenda has nothing to do with health care. The government is moving from fooling some of the people some of the time to fooling all the people all the time. And as we know, that's not something you can do.

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

Oh dear, is this an example of ADHA's best effort? An elf record?


And then there's this on their website:


quote "I thing My Health Record is something we would all, in the future, see value in.

It's been live since July 2012, and the ADHA, on its own website, is saying that, at some time in the future, it might have value. If only everyone had one.

In their dreams.