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Thursday, December 21, 2017

This Really Looks Like A Good News Story For Queensland Health And Its Patients.

This appeared last week:

Connected wisdom: Queensland claims online GP portal success story

Lynne Minion | 12 Dec 2017
Queensland Health’s online patient information portal has led to more comprehensive and better coordinated care, saved GPs time otherwise wasted on paperwork, and attracted surprisingly low opt-out rates in the six months since its launch.
The Viewer provides general practitioners with access to their patients’ public hospital records and is already being billed as a success by the state government, with more than 1550 GPs signed up and 35,800 interactions in the Health Provider Portal.
Queensland was the first state in Australia to roll-out a platform allowing GPs to access data from a number of its clinical systems, and feedback has been “very positive,” according to Deputy Director-General of Queensland Health’s Clinical Excellence Division Dr John Wakefield.
“GPs are particularly pleased with having faster access to information about their patients who are being or have been treated in public hospitals,” Wakefield told Healthcare IT News Australia.
“This improved sharing of information means the care provided to a patient by private and public clinicians is comprehensive and better coordinated. Doctors can devote more time to medical care and less time to searching for information and handling documents.”
The Viewer contains consolidated clinical information about patients who have received care at a Queensland Health facility, including pathology, radiology and pharmacy records, care plans and discharge summaries.
So far 149 patients have opted out of allowing GPs to access their records.
More here:
It is hard to see a downside where people are providing consent and the GP is getting access to a broad range of information.
Well done Qld.

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