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Sunday, February 04, 2018

AusHealthIT Poll Number 408 – Results – 4th February, 2018.

Here are the results of the poll.

Are You Expecting An Exodus Of Senior Federal E-Health Bureaucrats Over The Next Year Or Two?

Yes 9% (14)

No 9% (14)

They Will Just Be Shuffled Around. 78% (115)

I Have No Idea 3% (5)

Total votes: 148

This is a fun poll with bureaucratic shuffling seen as the anticipated outcome. It does not suggest we are going to see much change or progress with all that hunkering down.

Any insights welcome as a comment, as usual.

A really great turnout of votes!

It must have been a fairly easy question with just 3% not sure what the correct answer was.

Again, many, many thanks to all those that voted!



Anonymous said...

Bureaucratic shuffling or Machinary of Government as it referred to is how we get experienced bureaucrats. This is a tried and proven method and far more honest and transparent than what is going on in parts of the ADHA, where people are bullied to the point of being sacked or resignation so they can be replaced by ‘friends’ who then contract out to ‘friends’. All with no regard to APS rules and regulations. The ADHA is seriously out of control and a disgrace to the Public Service.

Anonymous said...

@7:15. What you say is true, but nothing will be done. Those responsible see themselves as critical, with everyone else an inconvenient necessity who can be dismissed out of hand with no consequence. The ADHA corporate plan calls its values as ICARE, they should be CRUEL.

Anonymous said...

8:40 PM. Every time the ADHA has its dirty laundry hung in public the more they will close ranks and protect themselves. Opt out and the MyHR is their focus I don’t believe they will do much to risk that even at great cost to those who work there. It is a shame, the proposed change I guess was always a dream.