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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Can NEHTA Really Be Serious With Consultation With This Sort of Notice?

The following hit the RSS feed late yesterday.

Invitation to participate in Electronic Transfer of Prescription workshop - 27 November

NEHTA would like to offer Software Vendors the opportunity to participate in a 1 day workshop to review the Draft Electronic Transfer of Prescription (ETP) Release 1.0 package.

The Draft ETP Release 1.0 document set which was released on the 30 October defines the minimum requirements for the interoperable exchange of prescriptions between general practices and community pharmacies within Australia and is available at http://www.nehta.gov.au/e-communications-in-practice/emedication-management.

The workshop is part of a consultative process to gain national feedback on the proposed ETP Release 1.0 specifications and to ensure that vendors can gain an understanding of the program and clarify an issues or ambiguities with the Draft ETP specifications.

When: Friday 27 November 2009

Where: Christie Corporate, 320 Adelaide St, Brisbane

Time: 9:00am for a 9:30am start

Please Note that NEHTA will not be providing compensation for travel or accommodation and there are no sitting fees for this event.

If you would like to participate in this workshop, we request that you take time to review the ETP Document set and complete and email the registration form to Melissa Roach, Engagement Analyst at melissa.roach@nehta.gov.au

Registrations need to be received by the 20 November. The agenda will be provided to those that are interested in attending.

NEHTA looks forward to your attendance.

Stakeholder Draft ETP Package Review Registration Form (23.34 kB)

Link here:


We have all seen the scale of the documentation – so 1 week would be really pushing it even if you could work on it pretty full time. The people they want to attend however also have day jobs I am sure!

Of course accommodation and travel to get there also seems to be off the table – and Brisbane is hardly the most central spot – or even NETHA headquarters.

Seems there is a bit of panic about the lack of progress in this ETP domain with commercial players live with systems, and Standards Australia really not resourced on the basis of current output to deliver quickly.

We have not only a bolted horse! It is leaving the district at a gentle canter knowing it will never be caught!



Jim Cocks said...

Hi David
I would suggest that they shift the venue to the CWA Hall Dululu Qld for next Saturday night - ladies please bring a plate!
This would ensure a bigger attendance than they are going to get on the above basis

Anonymous said...

and could we have a break for some LineDancing please

Anonymous said...

Are NEHTA at risk of moving from simply been viewed as obstructionist, insular, over paid, under delivering, to now be a laughing stock?

Anonymous said...

To be fair to NEHTA I thought I'd point out that I saw the workshop invitation on HISA's website back on 18 October. The RSS feed from yesterday must have been a reminder.

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

That seems to be true. Thanks for letting us all know. I had missed it. Still a pity about the funding etc and the lack of general awareness.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"NEHTA would like to offer Software Vendors the opportunity to participate in a 1 day workshop to review the Draft Electronic Transfer of Prescription (ETP) Release 1.0 package."

I really am at a total loss to see what intrinsically concrete value NEHTA can bring to the table that is worth giving any attention to.

Look at it this way. The Gov't (DOHA) and NEHTA have been left behind in the dust by the two private script exchanges. It will be impossible for Gov't and/or NEHTA to claw back the initiative and lead the way. Therefore, whatever 'stuff' NEHTA pontificates on will be just that - 'stuff' - stuff that the private exchange vendors can look at, consider at their leisure, take on board any ideas that they like, reject what they don't like, continue to develop and expand their services, lock-in their growing customer base, compete with each other, and find ways to make Gov't pay the price they seek to be involved in their exchange services.

Tell me how NEHTA can in any way influence this outcome in any meaningful way.

Tell me how NEHTA can become relevant in the ETP space.

And above all - tell me why NEHTA should continue receiving bucketloads of our hard earned dollars to pontificate over the ETP space where it would seem NEHTA has absolutely no way of exercising any real influence on the outcomes despite its misguided wishful thinking to the contrary.
Sunday, November 22, 2009 12:35:48 PM

Anonymous said...

Your last commentator makes some very good points, particularly "How can NEHTA become relevant in the ETP spoace".

That is an excellent question. Does anyone know the answer?

Could NEHTA please give us the answer?

Anonymous said...

I doubt anyone can provide an answer to the above question. As in so many areas of endeavor market forces will eventually prevail. Even Peter Flemming said as much when he stated recently that he was very excited that two script exchanges had started up and that NEHTA was looking forward to working with them. What influence does he think NEHTA can possibly have on what they do? Surely it's time to come clean.

David, in the context of the private ETPs, do you know if NEHTA has documented answers to the following basic questions:
- this is what we can do?
- this is what we will do? and by when.
- this is how we will do it? and with whom.
- this is the impact we will have as a consequence.