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Friday, November 06, 2009

A Request for a Little Help.

As part of reducing the time spent on the blog and having a go at doing some more useful work in the time freed up I am planning to try and put together a history of e-Health in Australia going back hopefully to the 1980’s or earlier.

What I am hoping is that some who read will have some interesting tit-bits to share. I am especially interested in the goings on in States other than NSW and in Commonwealth material that was created before 2000.

The aim is to try and understand what has gone right and wrong and hopefully create some suggestions as to how we might successfully move forward.

My e-mail contact is available by clicking on the ugly picture at the top left of the blog!

If you only have paper the postal address is found on my Company web page just below the e-mail address.

Thanks in advance for any docs, links or whatever. Whatever I come up with will see the light of day as drafts here.

A parallel project is going to be trying to assimilate the lessons learnt from overseas that might be relevant.



Anonymous said...

Execellent idea! We in the eHealth industry would welcome a historical view of issues.

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

Well send along useful stuff to help!