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Friday, November 27, 2009

Trying Out a Reader Views Poll System

Dear Readers,

Just to highlight the blog user poll and to ask for votes so I can assess how I and the blog are doing, and what views readers have on important matters related to the overall blog topic.

I plan to have a weekly question and to try and get views on all the matters that are of interest to readers.

Suggestions for polls that are balanced and allow readers to express their view clearly welcome!

As always any other suggestions are also keenly received!



1 comment:

David R said...

David, I think that's an excellent idea and provides an angle different from posting comments on an issue. Answering a focussed question that will influence the way things unfold may seem a better use of time for your followers and thus draw more responses. It might also be of interest to invite suggestions for the question itself --this will add yet another dimension to the relevance of the info you collect. Looking forward to it . David R.