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Sunday, January 03, 2010

AusHealthIT Man Poll Number 4 - Results

The question was:

What Chance Do You Think We Have For a Major Funding Boost to e-Health in the Next Year?


100% Chance of Major Funding Boost

- 3 Votes (10%)

75% Chance of Major Funding Boost

- 2 Votes (6%)

50% Chance of Major Funding Boost

- 6 Votes (20%)

25% Chance of Major Funding Boost

- 11 Votes (36%)

0% Chance of Major Funding Boost

- 8 Votes (26%)

Total Votes 30.


So 75% of voters thought we were at 50% chance or less and over 50% gave the odds of a boost as being less than 25%.

It is hard to know where this is going without more resources. Right now blog readers do not see much joy on the horizon.

Thanks again to all who voted.



Anonymous said...

Hi David,

Happy new year!

The lack of tax payer funds directed towards eHealth is something you lament about often on your blog.

Given your end-of-year acknowledgement that most of the 2009 eHealth progress came from within the commercial sector - as it always has - could you perhaps give us an indication of what increased tax payer eHealth funding will deliver Australian clinicians and their patients? And who would get this funding?

Dr David More MB, PhD, FACHI said...

Have a look at the documents related to how the US are going about things. There are more than a few ideas there!