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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Submissions Regarding The Sneak Exposure Draft of the HI Services Bill (2010).

Dr Juanita Fernando has kindly posted a listing of the current public submissions for the request for public comment conducted while DoHA employees holidayed over Christmas.

Publicly available submissions addressing the Draft HI Bill are listed here. These and others will eventually be available from the Department of Health website.

If you'd like to add your submission to those listed below, please email us and we'll post your link accordingly.

As new entries may be added – it might be worth checking back here every few days.


This is a very useful thing to have done and I am sure she would be happy if I publicised her work.

The submissions confirm the view that there are a lot of unaddressed issues and that without prior publication of the regulations associated with the legislation the consultation is a total farce.


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