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Friday, May 28, 2010

Here is the Reason We Are Getting Nowhere with Ms Roxon!

The following appeared today.

Expert criticism won't help: minister


May 28, 2010

HEALTH Minister Nicola Roxon has signalled to a group of eminent mental health experts they would help their cause more if they toned down some of their public criticism.

The Health Minister met yesterday with her National Mental Health Advisory Council in Canberra. Sources say the one-hour closed-door meeting turned frosty when one of the council members, the former Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chief Allan Fels, queried the Rudd government's commitment to mental health. Ms Roxon is understood to have told the members present that she looked forward to the group's support for advancing the cause of mental health.


According to sources, Ms Roxon replied that public criticism was not a good way to get results - and did not advance the advocates' cause.

Full Article Here:


Sad this – seems like “speaking truth to power” is forbidden by those in power and that their approach is the paternalistic (maternalistic?) Joh like “don’t you worry about that!”. We will get round to e-Health (and mental and dental health) when we feel like it!

Looks like we all just meant to shut up and wait for goodness to be rained on us! She just does not want to be bothered by experts telling her she is not doing a great job.

No wonder the polls are now showing the next election will be a contest, an unthinkable thought just a few months ago, with attitudes like this. Another self-inflicted bullet to the foot I reckon.


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