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Friday, May 21, 2010

The US Health Information Exchange Model. A Useful Set of Videos.

I have been doing a little background research on the US Health Information Exchanges(HIE).

In doing that I came upon some presentations and videos that explain how at least one vendor (apparently presently the most successful over there) is supporting the HIE vision.

They can be viewed here:


If we could get to this level we would transform Health Services in Australia I reckon.

I know these are advertising videos, but there is real value in seeing what they can now deliver.

I am also aware other providers can do similar things. This is just a well presented example that shows where things are over there.

Note the lack of need for a National HI Service to do all this!



Anonymous said...

US already has a national identifier service for providers the NPI. Their version of HPI-I, HPI-O and realise a need for the same for patients. Would significantly compliment the good work coming through on HIE's.

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

Yes..see here:


But they have no plans for individual identifiers that I am aware of. They don't like being numbered by the Government!

That said, they manage to work around the gap. Remember we already have Provider Numbers etc in OZ etc!

Even I have one!

The scale of the job of identifying providers versus the public is rather different!


Dr David G More MB PhD said...

And more - sorry to type twice - to do it well is very much harder.

Managing an index of providers vs the whole population - and getting it right for the population - is non-trivial in my view.

I may be proven wrong - we shall see!

I am told we (NEHTA, DoHA, Medicare OZ) may just be starting with providers and then trying to move on!

Remember there is just no secure ID for providers in place, for other than for provider locations right now, so no individual provider access audit trails are possible!


Anonymous said...

Medicare issues individual certificates on Smart Cards. These can be used for individual provider audit trails.

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

I understand the use of these is minimal and they are to be replace by NASH. Does anyone have any hard data on that?