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Friday, May 07, 2010

Oh Dear - Days Before a Possible E-Health Announcement we Have Ructions in the Ranks!

The following arrived today!


The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been forced to intervene in the increasingly frantic attempts by Health Minster Nicola Roxon to get the national e-health system up and running by the scheduled July 1 date, Liberal Senator Sue Boyce said today.

Senator Boyce said Mr Rudd had been forced to send his own representative to a teleconference of all stakeholders last Monday for the first time.

"I understand that over the past three weeks or so there has been any number of emergency teleconferences initiated by Minister's Roxon's Department with everybody from the Australian Medical Association to the Privacy Commissioner involved," Senator Boyce said.

"What is becoming obvious to stakeholders is that the apparently once cosy relationship between the Department of Health and Ageing (DOHA) and the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) is fracturing," she said.

"As the scheduled implementation date, now only about eight weeks away, comes closer and closer, DoHA and NEHTA are bickering in front of other stakeholders, trying to shift the blame for what is obviously going to be a huge failure. Stakeholders are getting a bit weary of all this panic and indecision."

Senator Boyce said it was no surprise that the Prime Minister had sent along his own representative to try to get some coherence and some progress.

"At this late stage, medical software vendors are waiting for a letter from DoHA which is supposed to address their concerns and, it seems, this could mean the creation of a whole new set of Health Identifiers just for them," Senator Boyce said.

"It is obvious to everybody that the proposed Regulations for the Health Identifiers legislation are a hopeless mess and utterly incomprehensible. It's a shambles."

Senator Boyce said the necessary legislation was yet to be introduced into the Senate and Health Minister Roxon was refusing to say when that would happen.

"This continuing delay is evidence enough that Ms Roxon cannot resolve the crisis and provide some firm leadership for what should be – and must be – a cornerstone of health care reform."

Friday 7 May, 2010

----- End Release.

If this is only half true we are brewing up a real mess. If the politics of doing an HI Service is causing ructions imagine what might happen with the actual E-Records program.

If there is not a proper, public conversation about what is to be implemented and how it will impact all stakeholders it will be doomed before it starts in my view.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness me - I don't believe it. What a silly thing to do. Surely someone has told Nicola Roxon that the long debilitating neglect of all these ehealth nnot be fixed with an emergency meeting and some more bandaids to cover the cracks unil the next set of problems emerge.

It is far too late to be trying to 'fix' the problem on the run .......... on the skids ........... There is only one appropriate course of action:
(a) defer implementation of the UHIs for at least 6 months if not 12
(b) freeze all NEHTA funding and put it into low gear maintence mode
(c) thoroughly audit the mess over the next 3 to 6 months
(d) plot a new path forward based on the audited findings.

Unless this is done now Nicola Roxon will have a far, far bigger disaster on her hands than Peter Garrett ever had.
As for the Budget - well - it has now been well and truly set in concrete so Nicola Roxon is committed and exposed but unable to deliver. Her most urgent task is to freeze and audit ehealth and Nehta now.