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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This Is Not Good News! If True This Will Really Sour Any Budget e-Health Announcement!

The title was.

Healthy gains for pharmacists

Author: Edmund Barton

The article discussed the Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement which was recently agreed with the Commonwealth Government and which will be revealed in detail on Budget night we are told.

The relevant paragraphs for the e-Health Community are as follows:

“She said the agreement also encouraged pharmacies to use electronic prescriptions.

This is a nice little earner, indeed, for the PGA Those e-prescriptions will be handled by the its eRx system, not the Medisecure system endorsed by the College of GPs.

They will attract a taxpayer subsidy of 15c per prescription with another 10c charged by the PGA. Within five years, this could be costing the Government about $18million a year and earning the PGA about $12million.

More than 3700 pharmacies, doctors and medical specialists are reported to be eRxready, although it was launched only a year ago.”

I have to say that this is a totally pathetic outcome in my view. The only way e-prescribing should be sponsored by the Government is via a Vendor Independent Standards Based approach operated as a public good by an agency like Medicare or my proposed ‘e-Health Australia’.

See here:


We can only hope there is a confused journalist out there!

To hand the Pharmacy Guild a monopoly of this sort is just dreadful public policy in my view.

Can anyone, who has the details, confirm / deny this report?


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Anonymous said...

Mr Sclavos has done it again. All that remains is for the Guild to agree to share share this projected $12 million annual windfall with its members the pharmacy owners? Assuming there are less than 2,000 pharmacy owners that would be around $6,000 per annum per owner. Thanks Kos - we love you.