Monday, September 05, 2011

AusHealthIT Poll Number 86 – Results – 5th September, 2011.

The question was:
Should Investment Continue in The Present Contentious Design of The PCEHR as It Is Rather Than Fixing The Design Flaws First?
Just Steam On
- 7 (20%)
Make Some Minor Changes
- 1 (2%)
Make Major Change But Push On
-  0 (0%)
Regroup To Fix Flaws And Then Proceed
-  26 (76%)
Votes 34
A stunningly clear cut vote. This project needs a careful and in depth rethink seems to be the large majority view!
Again, many thanks to those that voted!


Anonymous said...

What a ridiculously contrived and biased question! Shame on you.

I know, I'll ask the general public "Should investment continue on a building that is going to fall down? (Well, at least I think it might)"

It's one thing to wear your heart on your sleeve but this is getting ridiculous. I thought Docs believed in evidence?

Glad to see 20% tried to point out your bias...

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

Sorry..the question asked if we should regroup and fix or not. most said yes. Most don't agree with you - but I can't help that.

The fact that the ConOps is being updated suggests to me it was not perfect first time around and that to reduce risk it makes sense to re-assess on the basis of new evidence!


Anonymous said...

I must admit that bias escaped me as I thought everyone knew it was a dogs breakfast. I am amazed that 20% want to steam on. I guess some people assume that if we are spending half a billion there must be someone at the helm who knows what they are doing. I would like to feel that was the case as well, but the odds of 10 years of non-delivery suddenly transforming into a well thought out and executed plan seem a little low to me. Especially given that the PCEHR will be built on top of NASH, Patient and Provider identifiers and SMD.

Its sort of like booking a liver transplant as the first operation in a brand new hospital with doctors and nurses who have never worked together before.