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Monday, September 12, 2011

Link For Updated PCEHR Concept of Operations. 12 Sept 2011

The new final release is available here:

PCEHR System Concept of Operations

Australia moves a step closer to a national personally controlled electronic health record (PCEHR) system that will help bring Australia’s healthcare into the 21st century.
Minister for Health and Ageing, Nicola Roxon has released the Concept of Operations: Relating to the introduction of a personally controlled electronic health record system (PCEHR Concept of Operations). The document provides an overview of the PCEHR system structure and how it will work, the security and privacy principles, the implementation and adoption of the system, and the expected benefits as a result of the PCEHR program for patients, carers and healthcare practitioners.
The PCEHR Concept of Operations is based on the national framework agreed by the Australian Health Ministers Conference in April 2010. It has been updated and adapted, thanks to the support, feedback and submissions received by the Department of Health and Ageing during the public consultation process for the draft PCEHR Concept of Operations, in May 2011. The main issues raised during the public consultation process are discussed in the Feedback Analysis Report.
The PCEHR Concept of Operations will inform the construction of the PCEHR system towards the system launch on 1 July 2012, when all Australians who choose to, can register for a PCEHR.
Over the coming months a set of targeted and integrated events are proposed as part of the change and adoption program, to continue to understand the dynamics of adoption in relevant stakeholder communities, test and review proposed change and adoption initiatives, and engage and support stakeholder communities in generating initial adoption momentum.
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