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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) Updates The PCEHR Web Site - What do We Now See?

I checked to see if the new release of the PCEHR ConOps was available today.
The website has been updated.

Personally controlled electronic health records

Like many other countries, Australia’s health care system is facing increasing challenges to the sustainability of current health care practices.
The personally controlled electronic health record (PCEHR) system is being developed as part of the national e-health program to help meet these challenges and bring consumer-focussed electronic health capabilities to the Australian health system to drive improvements in quality, safety and access to health and medical care.

What is a PCEHR?

A personally controlled electronic health record (PCEHR) will be a secure, electronic record of your important health information.
The PCEHR will bring key elements of your health information together in a unified record. Your information in the PCEHR system will be accessible only by you and your authorised healthcare providers. This information will allow healthcare providers to make better, more efficient decisions about your health and treatment.
The PCEHR will not hold all the information in your healthcare providers’ records, but will detail key and frequently used health care information. As PCEHRs become more widely used and the PCEHR system matures, you will be able to access your own health information online — anytime, anywhere—and so will your authorised healthcare providers. Your health care information will be protected and secure through a combination of governance arrangements, supported by information privacy and system security measures.
You will also be able to nominate which members of your family (or carers) have access to your information. For example, if you are mature-aged or chronically ill, you can nominate your partner (or a trusted person), to have access to your PCEHR.
Update is dated 5 Sept, 2011
The earlier version mentioning an August, 2011 release is here:
I have checked the downloadable document and it is dated April, 2011.
I note NEHTA’s front page still has the August delivery date. I wonder when that will change?
Looks like we all have to wait some more!

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