Monday, January 09, 2012

Submissions to The Senate PCEHR Enquiry Are Beginning To Be Made Public!

The following page is now active.

Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records Bill 2011 and one related bill

Submissions received by the Committee

The following link is useful to keep a close eye on what is being published.
I note - as of 10pm 09/01/2012 - we already have material from the following to be browsed.

Sub No.

1               National Rural Health Alliance (PDF 56KB) 
2               National E-Health Transition Authority (PDF 750KB) 
3               Associate Professor Terry Hannan (PDF 170KB) 
4               CSC Healthcare (PDF 517KB) 
5               HealthLink Ltd (PDF 674KB) 
6               The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (PDF 113KB) 
I am sure more will follow in coming days. May be even mine! There is already some good reading.
Submission close on 12/01/2012 so not much time is left to have your say.
Enjoy checking back regularly.


EA said...

All 6 documents download with the same title ('sub') which seems a bit sloppy, since other inquiries bother to name theirs sensibly.

KH said...

If folks read just one of these submissions, read the one from Healthlink. It nails several key points about just how hard it is to pull off a shared EHR especially when the content is drawn from multiple sources. It recalls how other attempts, better planned and resourced than this one, have failed to deliver. But crucially it points out that there is a huge opportunity cost in becoming fixated on this one ill-conceived (my description) project at the expense of others which could have a much greater impact on health costs and outcomes. Read the submission!