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Friday, January 20, 2012

Tiger Balm Teams - Providing Relief from the Pain of Standards Processes

Tiger Balm Teams, NEHTA's new remedy that works where standards processes hurt. A name that has been trusted by governments to provide specifications for over 6 years.

With their unique formulation specially selected from NEHTA architects and industry experts which are proven safe and compliant, Tiger Balm Teams' standardisation processes and soothing relief from meetings and more meetings restore balance to modern standards processes, and give a sense of wellness to NEHTA and DOHA.

Suitable for young and old standards, the authority we’re familiar with has also diversified into a range of PCEHR-specific solutions like B2B Gateways, Repository Interfaces and Basic Vendor Repository that address varying needs of the different methods of access.

With apologies to www.tigerbalm.com


A little Friday comment! Love the e-Health logo on the tin! Thanks to the anonymous author!



Anonymous said...

Magnificent! Those idiots need a little heat around the nether regions.......

Anonymous said...

Active ingredient: Snake Oil

Anonymous said...

Used to great effect by Australian health ministers down the ages

Anonymous said...

*Clinical safety proven in boy scout camps (results confidential). Warning, contains unproven SOAP . Recommended by 9 out of 10 international consultants under contract. Prolonged use may lead to bankruptcy and iatrogenic, traumatic alopecia. Full warranty until July 1. Not recommended for IT literate users.