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Friday, November 02, 2012

A Little Follow Up From A Post Two Weeks Ago. Not Really Good Enough.

Dr Hannan passed on an update from our frustrated physician and would be PCEHR User.

Hi Terry,

I thought I should let you know that I still have not been able to put my Advance Medical Directive, or my own medical history summary into this medical record. I have phoned up the contact number twice, the first time got the message they were having trouble and call back please. The next time the contact person seemed to have little insight and was not used to handling people, and if I had not been persistent would have been put off.

It seems, at least according to her, that there is no capacity to put in one's advance medical directive or personal medical history, that must be put in by ones doctor.

If that is the case, then it is really useless and this is not what all the promotional material says.

Indeed, in attempting to even find where to log in or searching for PCEHR on the internet one is bombarded about just how good it is and how one can input personal data.

When pressing the contact individual about how important it was to get one's advance medical directive in, they were confused, and directed me to the field for entering the custodian's details who may hold my medical record.

That is useless in the real world as they may not be home or be able to find it.

One still cannot put in personal documents.

I seems to me that if it were modelled on Facebook (plus securities) the system may work.

Best wishes,


Maybe we could sit down together over a computer one day and go through this together so you will know what I mean


Email: doxanz at nixanz.com

Pretty sad I reckon.


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