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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Standards Australia Lets The Side Down Badly. What On Earth Gives?

In researching one of the other blogs this weekend I had occasion to visit the Standards Australia e-Health Site.

You two can visit it at:


There was only one glaring problem. The site is just unusable with Firefox 17. Just awful!

Interestingly the site looks just fine on both IE 9 and Safari (via an iPad).

What this means to me is that the web site has not been developed to appropriate international standards.

One question - just why would that be from Standards Australia?




Anonymous said...


I tied it using Firefox 16.02 and it was fine, but didn't display properly when I upgraded to 17. Question in my mind is it a Firefox or an SA problem?

Dr David G More MB PhD said...


Very interesting. Need to wait till 17.01 and see if it fixed. I certainly used the site ages ago and it was fine - but was a different version of the site to the one in place now.