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Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Personal Rant : I Am Just Sick Of Computer Updates. Why Can’t They Give Us Systems That Just Work?

We have just had another one of those wonderful updates from Windows - this time with about 20 different flaws to be fixed on my Win 7 based (64bit) PC. (I am not going to be blogging from a tablet any time soon so a PC is really the only option (glass keyboards I no like!)

The time taken to download, install and re-boot was a good 10 minutes as Windows, the .net framework and so on got their fix. At the same time my laptop(s) needed their fix - and we had Adobe Flash wanting an update as well as Firefox also feeling the need for a refresh!

This is to say nothing of all the other things that pop up from time to time and demand attention.

If there are 1.25 billion Windows Users (See here: http://winsupersite.com/windows-8/windows-charge-few-numbers ) and each has a monthly 10 minute productivity break we are talking an actual measurable hit to global productivity of say 2.5 billion hours of wasted time!

Surely there can be a better way found to develop and protect software that does not wind up with me, at least, having a monthly yell at MS and their associates.

Parenthetically I hear the just released Windows 8 is already in need of some fixes as well!

I am fed up. Solutions welcome!

Rant off!



Anonymous said...

The "perfect" system would require "perfect humans" to design and develop it!

Doubtful to occur in the near future would be a fair estimate and assumption.

Otherwise, system qualities and properties are a matter of degrees, with the spectrum of exceptional to downright dangerous (PCEHR) and everything in-between available.

While the inmates run the asylum and the Peter Principle exerts its influence everywhere, the less than perfect systems and solutions are what we're left to contend with and bemoan consistently.

On the economic front, it costs Microsoft to ship less than perfect systems and have their customer base absorb the cost of forever fixing their software, at least while there's a perceived lack of any legitimate alternative to switch to to avoid this chronic customer pain.

Explains why your monthly 10mins directly hits your pocket and is absent from Microsoft's impressive and lucrative "bottom line"!

I do empathise with your patch plight and am reminded of the GM vs Microsoft Car Manufacturer alternate universe:


Anonymous said...

Computers are multi-function devices connected to a global network.

In that environment, there is, and will never be a "perfect system".

It's quite literally impossible.

Anonymous said...

Get a Mac

Anonymous said...

So you can trade one platform of frustration for an entirely different one:


Apple Mac Frustration