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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Compulsory Retrenchments At NEHTA Are Rumoured - Anyone Have Some Facts?

All sorts of people are telling me there has been a rather messy 'staff detachment process' occur in the last few days at NEHTA (No executives, just staff) and that is has been rather less than well handled.

Does anyone have a fact or two to put on the table about numbers, potential impact on workplans, worker impact etc?



Anonymous said...

I think this has some of the percentages

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

Oh dear, watch this video at your peril..but it does have a message!


Anonymous said...

The loss of contract and key permanent staff from NEHTA has rendered the company technically impotent.
The company is now a listless, floating wreck that will potentially sink other viable useful eHealth initiatives.
The Fed Government must either back eHealth or get out of the game. At the moment partial commitment is helping no one.

Anonymous said...

There is little point in downsizing the organisation without changing the leadership. Peter Flemming is no doubt a hard working and dedicated individual but DOHA desparately need to find a new CEO and Executive.