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Sunday, May 12, 2013

An Interesting Email Turned Up From SAI Global (The Standards Australia For Profit Arm) A Few Days Ago.

This popped into my inbox a few days ago.

eHealth Standards: Recommended Practice for The Health Industry.

Hello David,
The Australian government is committed to e-Health and is facilitating the transition of paper-based clinical record keeping to electronic means for better information exchange.
Patient information sharing, that occurs mostly on paper, is moving online to increase efficiency and reduce costs, without compromising on the quality of the services delivered.
To this end, the Australian government announced a $67.4 million budget to be spent on the secure electronic exchange of health information, including healthcare identifiers, authentication services and e-Health Standards.1
New e-Health Standards Set - 50% discount for a limited time only*
To support this goal, the Standards Australia IT-014 Technical Committee has developed a wide range of health informatics Standards.
Critical for the success of efficiently gathering, storing, retrieving and classifying recorded information, these Standards can be applied across the broad range of health and medical fields.
While most of these Standards are available for free download, some are not. It is these essential publications that we have bundled into an e-Health Standards Set with a 50% discount* and for a limited time only.
The IT-014 Standards cover:
    Requirements for an electronic health record architecture
    Geographic information
    Health indicators conceptual framework
    Information security management in health
    And much more.
*50% discount offer applies to publications in the e-Health Standards Set only. Available in hardcopy or PDF format. Compared to buying each publication separately as at 09.05.13. Offer ends 24.05.2013 at 5.00pm AEST.
It seems a collection of ISO Standards - some pretty old - and the IT-14 work has been bundled and is to be sold for $500+ to those who need them - even in .pdf (read very high profit) form.

IT-014 Set-2013, e-Health Standards

e-Health Standards Set
The IT-014 Set includes a variety of guidelines and requirements for the healthcare sector. Available in Hardcopy and PDF with a massive saving of 50% off*.
Click here for a full listing of e-Health Standards created by the IT-014 Technical Committee. This list also includes a variety of products that are available for free download.
Health informatics - Public key infrastructure - Framework and overview
Health informatics - Public key infrastructure - Certificate profile
Health informatics - Public key infrastructure - Policy management of certification authority
Health Informatics - Requirements for an electronic health record architecture (ISO/TS 18308:2004, MOD)
Geographic information - Portrayal
Health indicators conceptual framework
Information security management in health using ISO/IEC 27002
*Compared to buying each publication separately as of 29.04.13.
 It really defies belief that of DoHA has made the majority of Standards to be used in Australia free within Australia others would wind up being charged at such a huge fee for a copy. On the basis of the quote above surely they should all be free?
Given all these are created by volunteers from all around the world it seems odd that they are simply not available - at worst - at the cost of production.
If you really need them then at least for a little while they are 1/2 price!

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