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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Have The Standards For NEHRS / PCEHR Registration Been Suddenly Relaxed To Increase Registrations?

Has anyone else heard the rumour of some major easing in the rules for patient registration in the last few days?

Seems the desperation for registration numbers is rising if what I am hearing is true.

Look forward to any feedback / news.



Terry Hannan said...

David, you should see the DoHA desperados wandering the corridors of my hospital with their clipboards hoping the 'sheep' wandering by will respond to them. They have been here for about a month! Most stand with rabbit in the headlights stare hoping they will not get hit by anyone who has e-health knowledge regardless of its depth. My best experience was to watch the staffer enlisting a family of Nepalese immigrants with NO interpreter, to register for the PCEHR!

Anonymous said...

Come on big consulting, you can solve this problem!

At the rate of 20 minutes assistance/cajoling/educating for each Australian that is 8 million manual hours of work.

Surely you could work up a business case to save all that money with an online registration system .......

Oh hang on we already did that !!

Who was it that signed this project off again?