Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Karen Dearne Does What She Does Best. Chases The Truth On An Important E-Health Document From DoHA.

I was alerted today regarding a letter sent to DoHA today.
From: Karen Dearne
May 01, 2013
Dear Ms Zygadio
Can you please advise why I am yet to receive a decision on my request to waiver charges, which was due by April 17?
In the interim, I have noticed that Senator Sue Boyce has requested the same document through the Senate Estimates process.
See Community Affairs committee questions on notice to the Department of Health and Ageing, index number 165:
"In an answer to a written question on notice from the Estimates of October last year [WQON 361] regarding what will replace the expired National Partnership on E-Health DOHA stated that an ; "eHealth Memorandum of Understanding was agreed by the Standing Council on Health at its meeting on November 9, 2012. However, the communiqué released after that meeting stated that the Ministers had only "noted progress on the eHealth MOU."a) Can you explain this apparent inconsistency between your answer and the stated actions of the Standing Council on eHealth? b) If, as you claim a new 'eHealth MOU' is in existence could you please provide me with a copy of it?"
If the department provides a public copy of the MOU Agreement on eHealth through the Estimates process, then I shall not need to pursue this request.
But I note that responses to the Estimates QoNs were due by April 5, so the department is well overdue in responding to this issue.
I also note that Senator Boyce expresses some doubt as to the existence of the MOU agreement.
I am aware that no such agreement has been published, as required, on the Federal Financial Relations website.
Can you please advise whether the document will be made public via Estimates responses?
If not, I will pursue this request. In that event, could you please advise when I will receive a decision on the fees waiver.
Yours faithfully,
Karen Dearne
----- End Letter
You can review the back story (and the current letter) here:
The importance of this document is that this is the document that explains the overall relationship (including funding etc.) between the Federal and State Governments in the total E-Health Program.
There really is no reason for it to be secret that I can see.
In late breaking news it now seems Karen has flushed out a same-day response from DoHA.  It is found just below the initial letter above.
It says that the FOI request will not cost, but sadly production of the document will be delayed until one day after the Budget - on May 14, 2013. So what is contained in the budget will now be very interesting indeed in the e-health context.
Really you would not read about just how determined these people are to keep things secret.
More updates in due course.


Anonymous said...

"Never attribute to malice that which may be adequately explained by stupidity" ... and incompetence

Trevor3130 said...

This phantom MoU seems like a matter in which the rejuvenated AGIMO could/should have an interest.

Anonymous said...

If the MOU was signed by the States at COAG then each State Government should have a copy. Can the document request be sent directly to COAG instead of DoHA ?
If the Federal Gov will not release have you tried asking any of the States ?
----Tim C