Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NEHTA Seems Just To Have Released A New Webiste. Very Pretty.

The site can be found at the old address:


And it seems to have gone with a tiled Window 8 appearance for the front page.

As far as information is concerned there are publications up to Oct 2012 but is seems to die after than - a work in progress I guess.

See here:


It is also a little worrying that the Strategic Plan seems to have expired. Does that mean it has all been done?

Our Strategy

Our strategy for progressing eHealth infrastructure and adoption.
Strategic Plan Structure
  • Building on the previous strategy
  • Catalyst for refresh
  • Reflect the progression of the organisation
 Guiding Principles:
  • New addition to the strategy document
  • A set of principles called out up front
  • Guiding principles are inherent in all activity
 Vision, Purpose and Mission:
  • Vision the end goal of the organisation
  • Purpose what NEHTA has set out to do
  • Mission how NEHTA will go about it 

NEHTA Strategic Plan
 I wonder when a new a current one will appear.

Lastly there are all sorts of web sites NEHTA runs. Here is the link


It is also not clear how you find the latest documents - it used to be easy with the old site.

I also note the clean-up has removed all sorts of embarrassing implementation pages which really did not seem to get all that far..


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