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Monday, December 23, 2013

As We Always Suspected The E-Health Review Will Be Secret For A While! And It Won’t Help Either!

This has just appeared.


20 December 2013

E - Health Record Review

The review of the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records (PCEHR) system has been completed.
Health Minister Peter Dutton today received the report from the review team headed by the Executive
Director of the UnitingCare Health Group, Mr Richard Royle.
The review looked into significant concerns about the progress and implementation of the PCEHR.
Mr Royle was assisted by AMA President Dr Steve Hambleton and Australia Post CIO Andrew Walduck.
Their report provides a comprehensive plan for the future of electronic health records in Australia.
Mr Dutton said the Government would now take time to c onsider the review recommendations and would respond in due course.
“I sincerely thank the members of the review panel for their work on this matter.”
Media Contact: John Wiseman
0401 776 108
Clearly Mr Dutton has no idea what a real plan would actually look like as it is impossible to develop anything remotely that in a few weeks.
Sorry to provide such nonsense just before Christmas.


Anonymous said...

"Their report provides a comprehensive plan for the future of electronic health records in Australia."

Wow! Now we have the record system, let's develop the plan. Does the plan include a Tardis?

I do hope they publish this report and let us all in on the plan.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the plan is to have another review and then develop a plan to replace the plan they never had in the first place.....

Anonymous said...

If its thue that they produced a "comprehensive plan" then their lack of insight into their limited knowledge is worse than I thought. Perhaps those with deep knowledge of eHealth could be employed producing comprehensive plans for education or defense spending as it seems in this new order having experience in anything just clouds your judgement. My confidence in western civilization is waning... Perhaps we should begin stockpiling guns, ammo and canned food?

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

a) it's all about politics, not health

b) it's only money.

In a democracy when most of the electorate is disengaged, it just doesn't rate highly.

If people were really interested in their health (as opposed to getting someone else to fix their sicknesses, - I'm talking averages here) they would eat better and exercise more.

Sorry for the cynicism.

Seasons greetings....

... and thank you David for providing this outlet for yet another year. I'll let others decide if we have made any progress.