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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

You Have To Think The MYEFO Budget Problem Will Stop E-Health Spending Big Time!

Given the mess the Federal Budget seems to be  in - what chance further spending on E-Heath?

Curious to know what others think.

My feeling - this will be the excuse to cancel the PCEHR Program.

What do you think? About this and the apparent budget mess in general if you wish.



Anonymous said...


"CABINET ministers have been told to prepare for savage cuts early next year, to stop a surge in government outlays to be revealed today in a budget update that shows no end to federal deficits."

Time to go PCEHR.

Anonymous said...

The decision (excuse) to stop the PCEHR by the Coalition will be a budgetary one.

It is a shame that it won't be stopped for the real reason.. A flawed system designed by bureaucrats for bureaucrats...

Please hurry and stop the blood sucking consultants from taking any more of our tax payer dollars...

They failed, but yet the win... Go figure...