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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mr David Gonski To Become ANZ Chairman From Next Year. Will He Leave NEHTA?

To quote the Aust Financial Review from today.

“Following the announcement today by the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited that I will be joining the ANZ Board in February 2014 and succeeding John Morschel as Chairman in May 2014, I confirm I will be relinquishing some of my current commitments,” Mr Gonski said.

“I intend to step down as chairman of the guardians of the Future Fund during January 2014 so as to avoid any possible conflict of interest with my new position and allowing sufficient time for a smooth transition and handover to my successor, who will be appointed by the Federal Government.”

The full article is here.


No mention of NEHTA of which he is also Chair. Might be a good time to leave this as well. I am sure ANZ shareholders would like this outcome as the more focus he has on the ANZ the better!


Disclosure: I have a few ANZ shares.


Anonymous said...

If NEHTA's performance is anything thing to go by, it is prime time to sell short ANZ stock!

Anonymous said...

Is Mr Gonski still at NEHTA? Havent heard from him lately.

For that matter, has anyone ever heard him speak of his important role as head of NEHTA??

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

He signed the Annual Report for 2012-13 which was released a few weeks ago so he still seems to be around.


Anonymous said...

Where does Mr Gonski's appetite for wasting Australia's Taxpayers' money end?

As Chairman of SPC Ardmona via Coca-Cola Amatil, surely hitting up the C'th Gov't for $25M to bail out "BAD MANAGEMENT" for SPC Ardmona is beyond the pale!

How on earth this pillar of Australia's establishment came to be a "pillar of establishment" for Australia is beyond belief considering the poor track record and trail of destruction left in his royal wake.

Explains it all when it comes to appreciating the dysfunctionality and abuse of taxpayers money where NEHTA is concerned and the related PCEHR with Mr Gonski at their corporate governance helm!

ANZ Shareholders: Sell, Sell, Sell.

What a blight on Australia's "elite" and establishment joke!

In the twisted words of the retired Hon Mr Rudd, a “Fair shake of the sauce bottle” this is far from exhibiting…